Calling all devotees with access to a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro! You are invited to enjoy a forever-free early access to the upcoming 360darshan Meta Quest App. Immerse yourself in fully immersive VR darshan experiences of over 55 most-cherished holy places within Sri Vrindavan, Sri Govardhan, Sri Navadvip, and other sacred dhamas.

Meta Quest App *New*

An upcoming Meta Quest app is currently being developed to provide users with a more streamlined experience. The app will allow users to directly enjoy immersive virtual darshans. However, it's important to note that the app is currently in an alpha-state and not yet fully available to the general public. Only a select group of "alpha-testers" have the opportunity to get a sneak peek. If you're interested in gaining early access, simply send me a message, and provide your Meta (Facebook) account email address. I will then send you an invite to become an early tester.

Rest assured, there is no cost involved, and you won't be obligated in any way. Your participation will not only grant you access to the early version but also contribute to its enhancement, benefiting the global sanga, who can subsequently utilize and relish the experience.

What will Happen Next

  1. Meta will send you an email containing a link to accept the invitation.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the email.
  3. Afterward, you should be able to search for the "360darshan" app within your phone's Meta Quest App and also within your Quest device.
  4. Once located, proceed with installing the app, which can be done in a similar manner to any other apps on your Quest.
  5. Once installed, you can use the app just like any other applications on your Quest device.

In-App Controls

Button Function Note
Trigger button Go to the next viewing position .. when available. – some virtual tours have a single viewing position
B-button or Y-button Score up Japa Yes, you can chant there, and the VR will even count rounds for you :)
A-button or X-button Toggle audio ON and OFF soft bhajans will be playing
Grip button Back to menu where you can select next darshan